• Today is: Sunday, July 22, 2018

Youwager.eu is our Top Sportsbook for 2017

Youwager remains at the top of the OOBG’s list of World Class Sportsbooks for 2017. This operation has been in business for more than 22 years, and like most things of quality, it gets better with age. The sportsbook industry has seen many ups and downs over the years.
Youwager has been a rock of stability in a sea of uncertainty. They continue to offer elite service while some of their competitors buckle under the strain of change.

For us, the four words that best describe Youwager are:
1. Efficient 2. Solid 3. Trustworthy 4. Superior

Ask any longtime Youwager customer why they keep coming back each season and you’ll get the same answer. No other sportsbook pays so fast and reliably. Taking a payout from Youwager is like going to the ATM: fast, easy, and works every time. While more and more books are increasing their wait times, Youwager continues to churn out lightning fast payouts.

It’s a simple formula but it works. People like to play where they know they will get paid fast. Youwager makes paying players its number one priority, and that’s why customers continue to come back every year. Aside from paying out faster than anyone else, Youwager sets the standard for cash-back and rebate programs. Youwager’s cash back program refunds up to 25% of your losses two times a year. Their Loyalty Program lets you turn points into cash or other benefits like free payouts. You earn points for every bet you make. So, in reality, you’re getting cash-back every time you place a wager.

Youwager makes a point of putting up their terms in easy-to-understand language. Everything from qualifications to rollovers are in their help section. Compare their offers on their cash back program to their competitors and you’ll see the difference. Other sportsbooks promise these types of deals, but hold on to bonus funds with ridiculous requirements and fine print.

Sure, Youwager offers the best perks offshore bettors have come to expect like: Best Bonuses, Best Cash Back Program, Best Contests and Promos. But, in our opinion, the most important feature Youwager offers is superior customer service. In surveys players rate customer service as the number one factor determining the quality of a sportsbook. By that measure, Youwager tops the list. They’re always available by phone, chat, and email. For those of you who came of age in the internet era, and prefer not to deal with people, Youwager is the perfect book for you. It’s easy to deposit (even by cash transfer), request a payout, or put in a support ticket without needing to interact with a clerk.
No matter if you’re a big or small player, Youwager has the features you should be looking for in a sportsbook for this football season. After being in business for over 22 years, it’s clear they’re reliable. Their reputation for always paying out faster than the competition is well known. You’re not going to get bigger bonuses and more promos from any other book. For those reasons and more, Youwager is our Top Sportsbook for 2017.

BetPop the #1 Discount Sportsbook

Sharp players know BetPOP is the “smarter” alternative. Why? Be- cause sharp players know how get more for less. Truth is, for 99% of the sportsbooks, there’s zero difference in parlay payouts. Because of that, most players judge a book by other metrics like bonuses, payouts, etc. However, smart parlay players know that BetPOP is different. They are the diamond in the rough. BetPOP is the only sportsbook in the industry paying out higher parlay prices. We call BetPOP a “discount sportsbook”. Initially, online sports bettors were wary of terms like “discount.” Doesn’t this mean inferior service? They thought the bonuses would be much smaller or nonexistent. The “discount” label made it sound like a cheap operation, some said. But those players got it all wrong. BetPOP offers the same great bonuses, payouts, and promos that other books offer. In fact, BetPOP gives players almost as much as our Top Sportsbook for 2017, Youwager. Where BetPOP is different is that they’re offering parlay prices that the competition can’t match. That’s why we call them a “discount” sportsbook. But they’re as solid as any other book.

BetPOP offers all perks you get at Youwager
• Free Payouts
• Loyalty Program
• Contests
• Calendar Promos
• Live Betting
• Top-Rated Customer Service
But at BetPOP you also get the amazing parlay payouts.


BetPOP Offers the Highest Parlay Payouts

Parlay Type BetPOP.eu Other Books
2 Team Parlay 14 to 5 13 to 5
3 Team Parlay 6.5 to 1 6 to 1

Intelligent bettors are always interested in having options that will help them save money or get an edge on a sports wager. The extra money earned on these payouts add to your bottom line.

People have different preferences. You need to decide what’s right for you. Do you care more about bigger bonuses? Or are you a parlay player who wants those higher payoffs? If it’s the latter BetPOP.eu is the sportsbook for you.
BetPOP has been in business for 20 years. They have a solid track record of paying out on time. They
should be in your stable of books this football season. That’s why we’re rating them our
#1 Discount Sportsbook for 2017.